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Along with this, the ATOM token serves as a mechanism to prevent misuse of the network, that is, to discourage spam, as well as to access network services and as a governance system within the network, since the holders of ATOM tokens how do i withdraw money from cryptocom can cast votes in proportion to their staking in ATOM. TOP50’sTOP10 (LTCUSD, EOSUSD, BNBUSD, ATOMUSD, MATICUSD, UNIUSD, ETHUSD, ALGOUSD, DOTUSD, AVAXUSD) Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there is no limit supply of new Cosmos coins (ATOM). The network is designed to adjust the number of tokens created based on the amount of ATOM being staked. A quick 3min read about today's crypto news! Cosmos (ATOM) has a 24-hour trading volume of over $262.81 million, and is ranked as the 21 most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than $4.0 billion. The total supply of ATOM tokens is .