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Vanilla is a prepaid debit card that can either be a Mastercard or Visa, depending on which you choose or who you purchase it from. They are often used as gift cards, as a budgeting tool for people who are just starting out, or by those whose finances are on the mend. However, they also make a great deposit method for almost all online casinos. If you want to explore different casinos, one credit card is all you need. You don8217;t have to open any new accounts best casino payment methods or get additional credit cards; your current card can finance gambling on multiple websites. This advantage of using credit cards for online casino deposits cannot be overstated. Don’t forget that with a credit card, the money will be added to your balance. If you8217;ve got a zero balance and then add funds in, you will be in credit with that card. You can either spend the money, or you can have the credit card company move the cash to a debit or checking account. Each credit card company has a different policy, so you must check with them first.