concealer for pimples

Alima Pure Concealer – This used to be my go-to but unfortunately when I put it to the test, it didn’t last as long as I’d like. If you’re just wearing concealer for a few hours, I think this would be fine but caked after long wear. For an instant eye lift, grab a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your foundation to highlight and snatch certain areas. First, apply concealer to the inner corner of the under-eye, then the outer corner, dragging the formula up towards the tail end of your brow. To enhance the lift, blend the formula in an upwards motion using a brush or makeup sponge. It's natural-looking and creamy, and blends very easily. If you're looking for a concealer that will brighten up your undereye area and make you look more awake (while still making your skin look like skin) this is a great option. It contains a bit of argan oil as the name claims, but keep in mind egirl eyebrows that it mainly contains silicones as well for that moisturizing texture. It has a fragrance but it's natural and not synthetic.