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ColourPop Best O is a moderately warm-toned, medium-dark burgundy with a matte finish. It is a permanent eyeliner that retails for $7.00 and contains 0.007 oz. My eyes get irritated easily, so I have to be careful about the products I use. Eyeliners also tend to wear off quickly on me because my eyes can be watery. So if an eyeliner holds up on me, chances are it will to visit work for the majority of people! These don’t irritate my eyes, and they also don8217t smear onto my contacts. They8217re a truly budge-proof formula once they fully set, which takes about 30 seconds. So, if you want to smudge them out with a pencil brush, you have a bit of time to work with them. Best eyeliner I’ve ever used. Doesn’t budge all day. Looks amazing. Product added to cart! ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Bubbly