essay writing example

In this essay, our client got very deep in the waters with what exactly the professors at BU are good at and how that can help with her project in the future. She gets to this quite early on so that the admissions office knows exactly what to expect from her as a student. Early in the essay, she covers how she wants to create a SaaS company that sells software for students using the power of AI. Her essay later covers how she wants to use the resources such as the professors and the clubs available at the school to learn more how to start a reflection paragraph about how she can execute this initiative on a good start. See how each example immerses us in the author’s world? And note how their descriptions awaken the senses. So much more interesting than if the authors had simply said, for example, “the values that are important to me are connection, intimacy, family, and listening.” Instead, each author shows us. And I’m not by the way just advocating for “show, don’t tell,” because you’ll notice that both authors show AND tell. In the first example: