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We’re going to use the blog as a place to share these new ideas with you because we want to hear what you think about them. In addition to that, as we work on these ideas and other existing projects in the lab, we will post different ways that you can explore the projects in your own space. Moving forward you’ll see the following types of posts on the blog: This article is part of the Journal of Science Education and Technology Special Issue - Stories from ITEST: Inspiring Young People to Pursue STEM Careers. An estimated 20,000 microplastics can run through a home washing machine at any given time, producing highly polluted greywater that flows into community water sources. These students developed a filtration system that can be attached and used with any washing machine, or other greywater sources exiting a home such as sinks, showers and dishwashers. Using 3-D printing, students constructed a three-stage filtration to click here to inquire 8220;catch8221; all plastics of varying sizes while mitigating clogs, thereby helping to clean and purify the water before it exits to the local water supply.