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Still, you’ll have to schedule some time to prepare for the Oregon real estate exam and for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn. But even if it takes you six months from the time you begin the process to the time when you hold your what does the buyer pay in a colorado real estate contract? Oregon real estate broker license in your hands, it’ll be worth it. You’ll have everything you need to begin a new, exciting career! ProSchools is the leader in online pre-licensure and continuing education for insurance, mortgage and real estate professionals, offering state- and federal-approved course programs to obtain and maintain licensure. To learn more, visit Pro-Studies will not sell, share, or rent any information collected on this site without your permission... &;&;&;&;&;&;Round out your foundational understanding of appraisal valuation approaches. Focusing on the two types of valuation concepts other than cost approach, this course fulfills 30 hours of Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for appraisers from the Trainee level to the Licensed Appraiser level. Learn the process for both as well as how to gather and analyze needed information. Highlights include: the use of appraisal comparison grids, tips on locating needed information and a comparison with pros and cons of both the residential sales comparison and the income approach. Prerequisites: Basic Appraisal Principles and Procedures Courses.