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ACV Auction (SCP Z80 Incubator), American Fuel Power (Excell Partners), Outmatch (Cayuga Venture Fund), Petra Pharma (Partnership Fund of NYC), Plated (ff Venture Capital), SpinCar (Stonehenge Growth Capital), Splyce (Excell Partners) , Touchstream (SCP Z80 Incubator) What are some key changes and trends happening in the venture capital industry? Why is venture capital financing also an investment? Is it risky or a asset management startups sure thing? Explain. Private equity is a relatively new term. It can cause confusion as some in the investment industry use it to only refer to investing. Others use the term to describe the entire asset class of venture capital, buyout and mezzanine investing. Read More "At LANDesk, and then again at WatchGuard, Joe Wang reinvigorated product development, broadened distribution channels, and inspired the teams to scale new heights. He is one of the most capable growth CEOs in the technology business."