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“Undisputed Blackjack champion. 24-0. This is a cool way to say get the f*** out of our casino and don’t come back.” Half a century ago, mathematician Edward Thorp published a groundbreaking book outlining how a player could use “card counting” to get an advantage in the game Blackjack by keeping track of the cards left in a deck. Ever since, casinos have been trying to eradicate card counting while card counters are getting increasingly skilled at not getting caught. So is it possible to outplay casinos today? And what will it be like in the future? In the spirit of sharing information and sticking it to the Man, Aponte gave us a quick introduction to card counting. Of course, even with a working system, the real secret to profitable blackjack is hours and hours of practice. But Aponte's demonstration made it look easy enough that at least wizard slots casino one member of The Verge crew was eager to hit the tables.