kia soul fully electric

For all its success dominating other businesses, China took a back seat to foreign automakers in the gasoline era. Chinese consumers bought a lot of domestically volvo xc40 polestar 2 manufactured cars, but often favored foreign brands such as Volkswagen, General Motors and Toyota over homegrown models. And while China became a big exporter of car parts, it didn’t manage to do the same with finished vehicles. Now the joke has some serious legs. Despite the increased shipping price, EIM has sold several containers8217; worth of cars by now and pre-sold them for about six months. So, what8217;s the big deal? Why are these tricked-out grocery carts so popular? China is the new trendsetter for software ecosystems. Integration with local providers is already important there and will increasingly become so in other countries. Chinese OEMs are particularly likely to offer a wide range of services in combination with tech giants such as Alibaba and Tencent. To level the playing field, international OEMs will need to focus on developing strong connectivity and HMI features and consider how they compete with benchmark standards. They must also seamlessly integrate their offerings into the local app ecosystem, and this will likely require them to consider pursuing partnerships with Chinese tech players. Again, the strategies that work in China may also confer benefits when applied to other regions.