redo bathroom diy

Some of the best bathroom tiles are Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles, Natural Stone, Terracotta Tiles, Glass Tiles, Mosaic Tiles and Cement Tiles. I hope this post inspired you to go for color in your small bathroom renovation. The tile color of your tiny bathroom can make a huge difference to how your bathroom looks. But whether you want light or dark tiles, when you have a small bathroom you can choose both! Get your Zen moments anywhere you can! Mid century modern bathroom tile can easily lend itself to an organic zen vibe. This relaxing blend of muted tones in linear glass tile by Dal Tile creates a calming backsplash. Here we see classical and contemporary here modern bathroom tiles with a unique design that brightens up space. These tiles have a show-stopping design in gorgeous brown and are a masterpiece that covers the wall with a characteristic shine. The white sink and tub are a contrast to the darkness of the tile colour. The breath-taking tile wall can fit into any stylistic trend and has a mirror cleverly placed to create an impression that the bathroom is larger than it actually is.