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Popcorn incorporates teamwork, coordination, and fun competition. Bonus: the only equipment you need is a soft ball. Form a circle. The player who begins with the yeti zombie in plants vs zombies ball will throw it in the air and clap once before catching it. The ball is passed around the circle, with each person having a chance to throw the ball in the air and clap once before catching it. If the ball is dropped, all players do jumping jacks. Once everyone has had a turn, whoever successfully caught the ball after one clap, moves on to two claps. The player who claps the highest number of times before the end of the game is the winner. Use painter’s tape to create a race track on your floor to drive matchbox cars. If you want to race the cars have the kids help you create a ramp to launch the cars. Raise up a box or books on an angle to use as a ramp. Making your own race track is part of the fun!