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To switch between people who have delegated their contacts to you, share a google doc with a gmail group from contacts select the delegator's name. You can only review and manage contacts for the person you've selected. Google makes the process to review and accept the Business Associate Agreement fairly easily.  To sign the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement for Google Workspace, you sign in to your paid Google Workspace account as an administrator and opt into the HIPAA BAA.  As outlined in the official Google Workspace Admin help, to do this: You can compare the features on our pricing page.In short: → Lite is limited to very small teams with very few contacts to share.→ Team is for medium-sized teams of the same organization.→ Business is for organizations with highly collaborative needs (sharing on multiple domains, sharing with Google groups, contacts sharing from Gmail or mobile&8230;)→ Corporate is for organizations that have security requirements, such as logging or backup, as well as directory management.